04 June 2010

Seven Things Unique About Me

My wonderfully fun, sweet, inquisitive, and wise friends, The White Dog Siku Marie and her bro-fur (or is that fur-bro?) the Might Quinn, and my very cool, fun, charming, and caring friends, The Clampets: Ernie, Sasha, and Chica, have graciously presented me with the Versatile Blogger award. Thank you Siku Marie and Mighty Quin! And thank you Ernie, Sasha, and Chica! I am very honored by this fun award! As a requirement of this award I am to list seven facts about myself. So, without further ado, below are the seven things unique about me!

1. I love riding in the car and have been on three multi-state road trips.

2. I love playing at the dog park. I get along with every pup and have been known to play for an hour straight without taking a break.

3. When my human, K, first adopted me she was told I hated cats and could never be around them. K does not know how I was before she adopted me, but from the day she brought me home I have never harmed any cat or bird! Yes, I love to chase them and tease them, but it is all in fun!

4. I love being touched, especially on my back, and especially back scratches. I have been known to walk up to strangers and rub against them so that they would scratch my back and pet me.

5. Porgy, K’s parrot, has bonded with me and will follow me around and make sure no one or nothing hurts me. Porgy gets a lot of human food so I have trained Porgy to drop what he doesn’t want so that I can eat it. I will often sit near Porgy while he eats so that he can just drop the food right to me. K gets mad and tells me to let Porgy enjoy his food, but Porgy understands that I need human food too!

6. My favorite thing is during walks with K when she kicks a little ball or stuffy so that I have to run and catch it, with K running behind me to get to the ball or stuffy first. Once one of us catches up to it, K will kick it again and we run and chase it again. It is such a fun game! We do this routine until one of us tires out. OK, we do this routine until K tires out. Which is usually pretty quickly.

and, last, but not least,

7. I love when K brushes me and tells me what a loving and good boy I am. I love my Pack!

Thanks again Siku Marie and Quinn, and Ernie, Sasha, and Chica! This was a fun award because it allows each recipient to describe things that are totally unique to them. I love learning how different and unique every animal and human is; there is so much variety in the World! Wouldn't it be a boring, flat World if we were all the same and we all had to think the same and be the same? Variety breeds creativity, and creativity breeds beauty. I also believe, however, that we should keep some things about us close to our hearts, and not share everything about ourselves to everyone. I think having a mysterious air about oneself is very cool. Mystery breeds imagination. Also, if you gave away every part of yourself, then what is left to remain special about you, for you? So, I don't give away too much of myself, except during shedding season, when lots of my fur drops off and goes away. I'm just sayin'...