24 January 2010

The Grass Is Always Greener Over There

Today was not a good day so I've posted some happy photos to cheer me up. These photos have nothing to do with this post, but they are pictures that make me grin and I need some cheer. The little birdie was one of many that visited all winter snatching food out of my, and Silvius', food bowls. And check out Havana’s new sleeping spot, in the stinky dirty clothes hamper! I guess cats can’t smell. Or else they like to sleep in stink!

I got it bad, you don't know how bad I got it. Fenced pups got it easy, they don't know when they got it good. It's getting harder just keeping life and Soul together, I'm sick of being chained, even though I know I should. The urge to roam is biting through each and every nerve and fiber, my chained Spirit is bored to the core; don't wanna be chained no more. Too bad, said K, because I've really done it this time. I've had my unleashing privileges revoked. No more Midnight Runs of freedom for me. At least not in the foreseeable future. This morning was the first sunny morning in what seems like forever in dog time, so my Spirit sang in the sunshine and I was in the wandering frame of mind, which happens to be my normal Malamute disposition. Anyway, with Silvius by my side we headed out early in the morning and we were gone by the time K got up to chain me. And we stayed gone. Silvius showed up at home about 11:30 a.m., so K assumed I would be right behind him since Silvius and I usually run together. I never showed. K received a phone call from a nice man informing her that I was hanging around his farm, so K hopped in the car and retrieved me. K learned that both Silvius and I had been hanging out at his farm but then Silvius had taken off and I stuck around to sniff things out. There is a lot of sniffing to be done at a new farm! K could not believe how far Silvius and I had gone. We had crossed the highway (yes, the highway!) and then meandered a further three miles. When we got home K immediately chained me and told me that I had lost all unchained privileges. Woofing my case, I barked to K that I was just doing what was natural to me. It is in my blood to roam. It is my instincts to roam. It is my Nature. K compassionately listened and said she understood but that she just could not risk having me unchained anymore, especially now that I have been across the highway. *whimper... But K assured me that we will be moving soon (paws crossed!!) and we will move to a place with a huge fenced yard so I can run and play chain free (paws double crossed, if that is possible!!!) I am really bummed that I can no longer run free at night. Wouldn't it be good if I could run unchained without a care? It's not that I don't like my home, but the grass is always greener over there. I’m just sayin’…

21 January 2010

Awards Galore

Aren't these Awards pawsome?! They were recently bestowed upon me by some of my very hip furry friends. These are my first awards for the new year and the new decade! How cool is that?! I hope this trend continues! It is very humbling to be so kindly acknowledged for my hard work at blogging. I have pawed this before but feel it appropriate to bark again: I know my blog is not updated daily (thanks, K!) but when I do sit down to blog I always try my best to make it witty, funny, interesting, enlightening, educational, and enjoyable. Obviously, I don’t always achieve these goals, but I try my best and it means a lot to me to be acknowledged for my hard work. So thousands of tail wags, licks, and play bows to you for bestowing these incredible awards to me!

The sweet and lovable Cocorue gave me the “Show Me Some Love,” “High-Five,” and “Circle of Friends” Awards. Cocorue hails from that beautiful land of Malaysia. She has a huge heart of sunshine, and she is one extremely creative pup! Thank you for these three marvelous awards! Tail wags and play bows!

Teddy Bear and Siku Marie (aka White Dog) presented me with the "Superior Scribbler" Award. Teddy Bear is a wonderfully caring and fun doggy. He is great at having fun no matter where he is, and he excels at helping out his family, and his fur-sister Sierra. Siku Marie and I both share Eskimo names. "Siku” means “ice" in Eskimo language (Athapascan). Siku Marie is an incredibly wise and charming doggy. She sees things in a very encompassing way which is very refreshing, and she has a very engaging personality. I really appreciate the award and the very kind words you both wrote about me on your blogs. Tail wags and play bows to you both!

Huffle Mawson, Explore Cat, one of my oldest {not in age} blogging fur-friends conferred to me the "Proximidade" award. We need to hop in the WayBack Machine for this award, because Huffle Mawson gave it to me way back in December of 2008. Hey, don’t look at me! It’s my human’s fault! Anyway, Huffle Mawson lives in the Land Down Under {that would be Australia} and is one of the kewlest cats I know. Witty, funny, clever, and kind, Huffle Mawson always has something going on! Thank you for this great award and I humbly apologize that it took me, er, my human,over a year to acknowledge it. I trust this won’t effect your continuing to present me with other awards?

Anyway, I do have a small speech prepared. Ah-hem! I am very appreciative to have received these fabulous awards, but I could not have achieved this highpoint without some fantastic furry, feathery, and scaly animals. Let me start by first thanking my parents, for without them I would not exist, and my siblings, with whom I am sure we had fun times playing. I would also like to thank my agent...wait, I don't have an agent. {Mental Note: hire an agent.} Anyway, huge thanks to my Pack - my human K, Porgy, Silvius, Kitty, and Havana. We are a rag tag Pack of misfits but we have lots of exciting adventures and fun times and...OK, there is that music again. Grrrrr....I have a lot more furry, feathery, and scaly animals to thank! Stop the music! Grrrrr....Again, much thanks for these pawsome awards! I hope to continue to live up to the standards that these awards entail. And now for something completely different…Pie! I think I ought to go hunting for a bigger blog now. This blog is just to small to adequately display all my pawsome awards. And I am sure there will be plenty more awards heading my way. I'm just sayin'...

12 January 2010

Destination: Unknown

I looked back at my human, K. Her mouth was moving and sound was coming out but it meant nothing to me. I walked a bit more then stopped to take one more look at K. She still had sound coming out of her mouth but it was of no consequence to me. I wasn't about to turn back and go home. So as I trotted off I wondered, what are words for when I don't listen at all? Since I don't listen it's no use for K to talk at all. And at this moment, with the snowy road open and inviting before me, K might as well go up and talk to a wall because all her words are having no effect on me at all. Silvius and I had embarked on our journey, anxious and excited about what adventures awaited us ahead. We had no plans because how can you tell where you're going to? You can't be sure of any situation, something could change and then you won't know. Spontaneity ruled the day! Destination: Unknown. Life is so strange. I'm just sayin'...

07 January 2010

Party Like It's 2009!

Hey! How can it be seven days into the New Year already and yet this is my first post? Crazy! I wonder if it has anything to do with the huge bottle of bubbly I finished off on New Years Eve? I did become quite loopy. I partied like it was 2009! Oh, wait...actually, it was 2009. Well, two thousand-one-zero party over, out of time. Now back to reality. In truth, I barely remember the night but I am sure I had fun. I was gone for almost two full days. My human, K, was very worried, but hey, it was the New Year and snow was everywhere, what was I supposed to do? I recall it was a strange journey. I mean, one field's very like another when your head's full of the bubbly, oh brother! And, it's a drag, it's a bore, it's really such a downer to be looking at empty fields, not looking at snowy mountains. Still, I can't complain. Two days of freedom running through snow, it was grand and gave me lasting memories. It also gave me some great ideas for adventures on the next New Years Eve! I'll be partying like it's 2010! Oh wait...it will be 2010. I think I still have some fuzzy bubblies in my head. I'm just sayin'...