20 February 2011

Easy Come, Easy Go 02.20.2011

From this:


Giovanni Antonio Pellegrini (1675-1741), The Clemency of Alexander The Great (356-323 BC) in Front of the Family of Darius III (d. 330 BC), circa unknown

Louise Jeane Francois Lagrenee a.k.a. l’Aîné, The Death of the Wife of Darius III, circa 1785

Back to me...

To this:

What happened?! One week I am luxuriating in blankets of fluffy white snow in balmy zero degree weather, then a week or so later it is a hot 70 degrees and not a snowflake to be found. I suppose Spring is anxious to make its arrival, but I woof, "not fair!" It is still Winter and I think Spring needs to learn some patience and let Winter finish itself out. Now if Spring wants to encroach on Summer's time, you won't hear any woofing from me. I'm just sayin'...

11 February 2011

Sunset In My Back Yard 02.11.2011


Antonio Canova, Psyche, marble, circa 1789-1792

Jacques-Louis David, The Farewell of Telemachus and Eucharis, circa 1818

Back to me...

Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.


A man is not where he lives, but where he loves.

~Latin Proverb

Love is expressed in an infinite number of ways. For instance, I loved my recent peaceful evening enjoying my back yard full of blizzard snow. I loved looking out over the frozen creek, contemplating if I should risk a few steps on the ice (the answer was "no."). I loved exploring the area for all the new animals tracks in the freshly fallen snow. And I loved that the sun was setting because that means the coyotes will be out soon and I can howl along with them. Sometimes life is just perfect. Except for leashes. I'm just sayin'...

01 February 2011

It's Snowtime, Pups! *Jazz Paws* 02.01.2011


♪ ♫ I’m in Heaven…♫ ♪

Come on! Hurry! Silvius and J are already way ahead of us!

Good-bye dog house. Good-bye buried bones.

Hmmmm! Do I smell bunny under here?

If only I were leash-free. If only...

Trudging along in my blizzard snow!

Pit-stop #1. The wind is mighty fierce, so J gets slight relief while I enjoy the feel and smell of blizzard.

Thanks for bringing me along. Seriously. Thanks. NOT.

Why yes, J, a treat most certainly does make up for bringing me out in this. Thank you, J!


Albrecht Dürer, The Young Hare, circa 1502

Tiziano Vecellio (known as Titian), The Virgin and Child With Saint Catherine and a Shepherd, known as The Madonna of the Rabbit, circa 1525-1530

Back to me...

Wind. Blowing. Strongly. In. My. Face.

Pit-stop #2. I think my eyes are frozen shut.

Going back home and I notice our tracks are completely gone. No trace. Good thing I know my way home.

Oh my dawg, that was so much fun! Blizzards rock!

I really should be let off this chain to enjoy the blizzard.

It was a great day to be a Malamute! Blizzards are the best - cold, wind, and lots and lots of snow. The snow and wind combo is the best because the wind blows the falling, and fallen, snow every which way and it seems the entire World, from top to bottom, is nothing but snow. Bliss! Almost. Pure Bliss would have been to enjoy the blizzard in total freedom. However, there is this thing attached to me called a "chain" and it is really effecting my joie de vivre. And cramping my style. I'm just sayin'...