28 February 2010

Humility Is A Virtue

Cocorue, a dear sweet dog with a heart of gold who hails from the beautiful country of Malaysia, has presented me with the lovely "Beautiful Blogger" award. *blush I have been called many things in my life, but being called "beautiful" is certainly one of my favorites. Followed closely behind by "gorgeous," "stunning," "spectacular," "magnificent," and "breathtaking." I am honored to be the recipient of this most apt award. Thank you Cocorue! I was so thrilled to receive this award that I did not have time to prepare a speech. OK, actually I did have time to prepare but I have been busy lounging in the warm rays of the sun these past few days. I must continue to look my very best and the sun makes me look radiant!

Now that my beauty has been officially recognized I decided it was time to put together a portfolio. I had my human, K, take some snapshots of me but as you can see they are less than perfect. The first is me under the almost-full Walapana moon, which means "windy big moon" in Hopi language (Hopitu Shinumo). A bit off center for my liking and I think I look a tad too stiff. For the next three photos I decided upon a very scenic spot next to a creek, since it was one of the few places left with wonderful snow. Unfortunately, K made me look as if my head were holding up the tilting tree. I was none too pleased. But, we have another photo shoot scheduled for later in the week and I am sure those photos will turn out much better. K has been mumbling that I have been acting like I am "all that, and then some" since receiving the "Beautiful Blogger" award, and that my looks have gone to my head. I woofed to her that she was exaggerating my behaviour and that I am the same sweet, delightful, and enchanting Suka she has always known and loved. I then informed her that I will no longer get out of my doghouse for less than 10 meaty treats a day. I'm just sayin'...

20 February 2010

How Sweet It Is!

I am very honored to accept the above award which was bestowed upon me by my sweet pals the Cyber-sibes, Jack and Moo [a.k.a. Jack-a-roo and Moo too, and a.k.a. Jack of Hearts and True Blue Moo]. Jack and Moo are two beautiful fur-sibs who have such beaming personalities that you can’t help but be drawn into their fun, adventurous, and lovely world. Thank you Cyber-sibes! Now, onto my acceptance howl. Ahem…I am very humbled to once again be chosen as a recipient of a charming award. I have worked hard to make my blog something worthwhile for those who happen to sniff their way over, and I have spent many long hours pawing away at the keyboard to come up with the perfect post. All of my hard efforts would be pointless, however, if it weren’t for the love and support of my many fur-friends, human friends, and of course, my Pack. I am very grateful for having all of you in my life and…hey, there is that music again! I am not yet done! Grrr...I always get cut off by the orchestra. Being succinct is not yet one of my talents.

On another sweet note, it snowed today, on and off. Huge snowflakes that were so light and fluffy that the did not stay on the ground for very long. Not sure where they went off too. I guess to where the all the other snow ends up. Regardless, it was nice to sit and walk in the falling snow today. It would have been even better to be able to chew on a nice meaty bone in the falling snow. Alas, my deer blob has run its course and I am no longer interested in it. Since I am now chained all the time outside (thanks, K!) I can't go off and find a new meaty morsel on my own. So, I am hoping - paws crossed! - that Silvius finds something yummy and drags it home again for me to "find" and eat. I really need to expand my repertoire of food. If anyone wants to sponsor me to travel the World eating dog food from all around this Big Blue Marble, I am ready, willing, and able! As soon as I get my doggy passport. And I refuse to go through airport scanners. I protect my modesty and my DNA. I'm just sayin'...

14 February 2010

Look of Love

I have the look of love, and I need a Valentine to turn this gray sky to blue. Will that be woo? Who will be my Valentine?

It is St. Valentine's Day. A day for sweethearts to express their love. But you don't need to have a sweetheart to celebrate Valentine's Day. Share a Valentine with your friend, your kennel mates, your dog park buddies, or any animal or human whose friendship you enjoy, or whom you notice needs some love in their life!

I pawed this Valentine poem for my human, K, using one of her favorite songs:

When I see you with bones, my tummy sings in delight. You love me, yes you do, and I love you lots, too. You give me toys and treats, and long walks in the park. I am a lucky dog, for being in your heart.

Nothing trumps Love. Nothing can conquer Love. Love is Eternal. Love is Omnipotent. Love Is. And with the power of Love we can defeat anything. Let the light of Love shine through in your hearts, your mind, your thoughts, your actions, your deeds, and your speech. There are so many unhappy and lonely animals and humans in the World whose hearts would sing with just the smallest gesture of love. So be generous in sharing and giving your Love, for the power of a kind word, a kind act, a kind gesture, is amazing.

I shall end this Valentine's Day post with a lovely poem entitled "Love's Philosophy," written by Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822):

The fountains mingle with the river
And the rivers with the ocean,
The winds of Heaven mix for ever
With a sweet emotion;
Nothing in the world is single,
All things by a law divine
In one spirit meet and mingle -
Why not I with thine?
Be lucky in love. Happy Valentine's Day! I hope I get more than one Valentine because the more Valentines I have, the more boxes of chocolate covered yummy bunnies I will get! I'm just sayin'...

11 February 2010

Semi-Charmed Life

Happiness abounds! For me at least. Sure my human, K, has been having a run of bad luck lately, but my luck has been delightful. So much so that I feel I am living a bit of a semi-charmed life lately. I do feel bad for K, though, but life is about balance and right now I think K and I are experiencing a Yin/Yang balance of bad and good. She has the bad and I have the good. Works for me! But before I share my recent three happy events I would like to take a moment to woof a huge thank you to all of my animal and human friends for their thoughtful words of support and kindness regarding my last post about K’s run of bad luck. It really made K feel better, and it made me feel great knowing that I have such wonderful animals and humans as my friends. Blessed! Many woofs of thanks to all of you! And K sends warm thank-yous as well.

Now, on to me. My happiness times three consisted of (1) I got snow! Sure, it was not much snow, but it was snow none-the-less. I was so happy to see the snow falling that I almost couldn’t contain myself! Sadly, I have heard from the birdies, who stop by to pick food out of my dog bowl, that out East a huge snowstorm hit and caused a lot of bad things to happen. As much as I love snow I know that too much of a good thing can be bad (except when it comes to yummy bunnies). I am keeping my paws crossed that all the animals and humans in the snowstorm stay warm and safe. (2) I got sun! “The sky was gold, it was rose, I was taking sips of it to my nose.” And through my fur. It felt delicious! Although the sunshine melted much of the snow I had just gotten I was not too upset about it because I have not had a sun-shiny day in a long time and I had been yearning to feel the warm sun’s rays on my fur. No sunscreen for me! Plus, I needed the hit of Vitamin D. (3) I got a deer blob! OK, this may gross out some of my human friends, but Silvius had dragged home another blob of deer legs and skin from a deceased deer he found, so I have had a yummy treat to munch on all week. Yes, I have heard the saying, “Finders keepers, losers weepers,” and I know Silvius found the deer blob. However, one day Silvius had left his deer blob unattended so I found it and therefore I get to keep it. The last photo is me guarding my deer blob, in case Silvius tries to "find" it back. It's not that I am greedy and don't share, it's just that I wouldn't want to know if I am a "losers weepers" kind of dog. I'm just sayin'...

02 February 2010

Suka, Interrupted

Ever heard of the human saying, “bad comes in threes?” Well, that is my human’s life right now. K is experiencing a trio of bad luck. And of course, what effects my human effects me. Which is why my presence in the blog-o-sphere was interrupted. I thought the bad luck started with the end of my Midnight Runs. But no, I guess my bad luck is separate from K’s bad luck. Which is good, because other than the end of my Midnight Runs and having to be chained all the time outside, I have not had any more bad luck. Paw on dirt. However, K’s bad luck keeps on coming so I have tried my best to cheer her up. I think that is one of the things us dogs do best, bringing happiness and love to our humans and helping them to see the beauty in life. So, using my furry dog powers I woofed to K that everyone goes through bad times as well as good. That is the cycle of life, Yin and Yang if you will. So, although things seem overwhelming right now, it will get better. There is a balance in Nature, so just Trust that things will work themselves out. "This whole darn world can fall apart, you'll be OK follow your heart." And always remember to fly high, because what’s real can’t die. And what is real is Love. I think I helped K, as she seems to be smiling a little bit more. She even watched the Wolf Moon rise with me the other night, even though I howled through most of it. I've been thinking of releasing my own album, er, CD. I am pawsitive I can win a Grammy. My howling has a great beat. I rock! It would behoove any DJ to play my howls in their mixes. Jammin' with Suka! I’m just sayin’…