31 October 2010

Spooky Vision

"From ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties, and things that go bump in the night, Good Lord deliver us."--- Traditional Scottish Prayer.

What a bizarre, spooky week! I think my feelings can be summed by best by Ministry:

"Well I live with snakes and lizards and other things that go bump in the night cos to me everyday is Halloween I have given up hiding and started to fight..."

I am not much of a fighter, but I finally put my paws down about all the creepy things that have been going on around here, especially concerning my head and body, and voilà! I am back to normal! Well, almost. Now there seems to be an eerie red glow around me. But, using this to my advantage, I will be a Stop Light for Halloween tonight. Then all the bunnies will have to stop when they see me! Hello, Halloween bunny treats! I'm just sayin'...

29 October 2010

Nightmare On My Street

With much dread, Silvius returned to the creepy corn stalks to locate my head.

Suddenly a terrifying presence surrounded Silvius, but using all of his might he fought off the possession and remained victorious! Success! Silvius braved the dark forces and triumphed! As he brought me back my head, Silvius reflected on how good always wins, and once again evil is silenced.

However, I noticed right away that something terrible was amiss. With weird, sudden twitches and jerks of my head, I felt I was falling back into the abyss.

My head was still acting up but we went on our usual evening walk. Because, as my human, K, said, I should not sulk. In a passing-by glance I noticed in revulsion that Mr. Bull-One’s head was having a ghastly convulsion. What was occuring? Was his head broken? Shuddering, I realized that scene was definitely not a good omen.

Horrors! During our water break my head took on a life of its own! What have they done? Messed with my chromosomes?!

By nightfall my entire body was one vibrating mess. I felt as if I were in the middle of the Monster Mash fest.

And so it continues, this horror-carnival of mine. I am sure when I wake tomorrow I will be a doggy Frankenstein. If that happens, who would ever punish me for disobeying? So it could work to my advantage. I’m just sayin’…

27 October 2010

Invasion Of The Head Snatchers

My head has been erased! It is gone! Poof! Disappeared! This is quite a fright! What if my head is never found? I don't want to be known henceforth as Erased-head.

I knew something wicked this way had come, having followed Silvius and I home from the corn stalks the other day. But what would a ghouly or goblin want with my spectacular head? I mean, I know I am a very handsome pup but...Oh my dawg! What if it is going to make my head into a Spider-head?! I must send Silvius back to that spooky cornfield, posthaste, to find my head! I would go with him but I am currently sans sniffer, and I have no intention on becoming sans tail, or sans torso, or sans Suka. I'm just sayin'...

24 October 2010

Puppies Of The Corn

"From ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties, and things that go bump in the night, Good Lord deliver us."--- Traditional Scottish Prayer.

Something troubling lurks in the corn stalks.

Despite a feeling of trepidation I decided to investigate.

I gave Silvius a woof to join me in the hunt and despite our hesitation, we headed into the corn stalks forthwith!

But suddenly we heard strange, eerie sounds all around us, which gave us paws. {"Paws" - get it? It should be "pause" but I thought I would throw some doggy humor in!}

Then a dark foreboding feeling came over me as I began to make my way into the corn stalks.

Once we entered the corn stalks it became deathly quiet. Even the wind stopped.

Abruptly we felt a wicked presence around us. The fur all over our bodies began to stand on end, so Silvius and I made our way out of there, posthaste!

WOOF! Something grabbed my muzzle! I tried not to panic as I freed myself from the clammy, cold, sticky tentacles tightening their grip on me. I could feel the heinous entity not wanting to let go of me.

I barely made it out when a strong force began pulling at me, dragging me back into the corn stalks. It took all of my mighty Alpha Male energy to keep from being sucked into the dreadful void of the corn stalks!

We made it home all in one piece, but both Silvius and I felt something - something ugly and sinister - following us home. Yet every time we would look and sniff around, nothing! It is a feeling we both have, that we can't put to woofs or barks. An uneasy feeling that we are not alone. It better not be The Thing! (run, puppy, run!) Look what The Thing did to the last puppy it infected! Maybe my human, K, will let me sleep in her room tonight. I'm just sayin'...

20 October 2010

It's 10.20.2010, or in Europe, 20.10.2010

Not much to woof today, especially since it is "Woofless/Barkless/Meowless/Wordless Wednesday" in much of the blog-o-sphere. But the date! I just had to woof something about the date. I mean, how often does the date of 10.20.2010, or as they write in Europe, 20.10.2010, come around? Pretty nifty!

I am very interested in numbers and mathematics. Being a working breed of canine, it is important that I keep up on my mathematical abilities. For instance, if I had to pull a sled weighing 235 pounds over 14 miles with a Northerly wind gust of 21 miles per hour, I would use math, probably calculus, to calculate how long it would take me to complete the run. And by using geometry I could deduce the best possible route. Mathematics is very important in every aspect of life, even for us animals. So when I saw the human calender showing such an interesting date today, it peeked my curiosity. I was sure something out of the ordinary would happen, but so far it has been a pretty quiet day. Perhaps all the excitement will happen next year on 11.20.2011, or as they write in Europe, 20.11.2011. I should calculate the probability of that. I'm just sayin'...

17 October 2010

I Am Blessed!

Saturday I was blessed! I went to an event in town called Dogtoberfest. It was held at a big park downtown and had lots of fun events for dogs to participate in or just watch, and many interesting and fun booths for the humans to have something to do. Lots of those booths were giving out free treats for us dogs but I did not eat any because I was just too excited to be out socializing among so many of my fellow canines. I was having too much fun to eat!

Anyway, we arrived at Dogtoberfest right when it started so that we would be there in time for the Animal Blessing, which kicked off the event. A Priest said a prayer and then walked over to the dogs and blessed each dog individually by saying the dog's name and sprinkling the dog with Holy Water. I feel so special now! Silvius was blessed too, so we feel pretty confident that together our prayers for lots of meaty bones will be heard! After the Blessing we walked around the event because we had a lot of sniffing to do and reading of pee mails. It seemed like we had just arrived when my human, K, said it was time to leave. I woofed to her that she was free to leave but since I was having such a good time could she kindly unleash me so I could stay and party with the pups and I would meet her back at home when I was done. K said no. I suppose I could have pulled Silvius aside and had us both cross our paws and pray that K would unleash us so we could stay and just come home of our own volition. But since I am new to this “blessing” thing I had not thought of it at the time. I am going to have to make a mental note of my new blessed status so next time I remember to use it. And of course, I will only use my newly elevated power for good. So...praying for a few yummy bunnies to hop across my lawn and into my mouth is good, right? I’m just sayin’…

14 October 2010

Just One Of Those Days...

Silvius and I had a relaxing siesta by the old shed. It is the perfect spot to get out of the warm rays of the sun but still enjoy the cool breezes. Porgy came out to be near me, as always, and to enjoy the fresh afternoon air, but since the old shed offered no perch for him he just happily hung out in his little tree.

Later in the evening my human K took Silvius and I on our evening walk. On our way back home we saw Mr. Bull lounging contentedly by the fence, minding his own business. I love Mr. Bull, and even though I knew he was enjoying his quiet time I decided to mix things up. He was not in the playing mood, so he, with much annoyance I could tell, got up and walked off. That bummed me out. But, I understand that he just wanted to be left alone.

I have a surprise for all of you! My human, K, took a video of me during one of our nightly walks. It is the first time ever that she has taken video of me. And, as you will notice, the first time she has used the video! It is a bit shaky, so I hope you don't get nauseous. It is short too, but it is of me! And I thought you might like a little peek into what my walks are like. So, without further ado, for your viewing pleasure, me! Enjoy!

My first staring role! Pawtographs will start at three meaty bones a piece, more if you want it personalized. I'm just sayin'...

11 October 2010

We Only Part To Meet Again*

*John Gay, English Poet and Dramatist, 1685-1732.

I’m back bit----, er, female dogs! And male dogs too, and everyone else! I trust I was terribly missed. Or missed terribly. I know I missed all of you and am very tail-wagging happy to be back! After over three months of silence I have a lot of woofing and howling to catch up on! I wonder what all I have missed in the blog-o-sphere since I have been away? I will be doing the rounds shortly, and hope it is all good news.

Right now the sky is overcast and the wind is nice and chilly and the leaves are gorgeous shades of Autumn. I love the crunch of dried leaves under my paws as I take my daily walks, but not as much as I love the crisp crunch of heavy snow under my paws, which will be happening soon. Dried leaves are a beautiful reminder from Nature that my favorite season is heading this way – Winter! I cannot wait until the first fluffy snowflake falls from the sky and the first rigid breeze blows through my fur. After such a dreadfully hot and humid and humid and hot Summer I am ready for those zero temperatures and the white landscape of snow. But in the meantime I will just enjoy watching the leaves slowly drift and sway to the ground as the trees become bare, yet another signal that Winter is rolling in soon.

It is good to be back. And good to be missed. And good to be loved. And good to be me. I am Suka, hear me howl! I'm just sayin'...