11 October 2010

We Only Part To Meet Again*

*John Gay, English Poet and Dramatist, 1685-1732.

I’m back bit----, er, female dogs! And male dogs too, and everyone else! I trust I was terribly missed. Or missed terribly. I know I missed all of you and am very tail-wagging happy to be back! After over three months of silence I have a lot of woofing and howling to catch up on! I wonder what all I have missed in the blog-o-sphere since I have been away? I will be doing the rounds shortly, and hope it is all good news.

Right now the sky is overcast and the wind is nice and chilly and the leaves are gorgeous shades of Autumn. I love the crunch of dried leaves under my paws as I take my daily walks, but not as much as I love the crisp crunch of heavy snow under my paws, which will be happening soon. Dried leaves are a beautiful reminder from Nature that my favorite season is heading this way – Winter! I cannot wait until the first fluffy snowflake falls from the sky and the first rigid breeze blows through my fur. After such a dreadfully hot and humid and humid and hot Summer I am ready for those zero temperatures and the white landscape of snow. But in the meantime I will just enjoy watching the leaves slowly drift and sway to the ground as the trees become bare, yet another signal that Winter is rolling in soon.

It is good to be back. And good to be missed. And good to be loved. And good to be me. I am Suka, hear me howl! I'm just sayin'...


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...


I'm just sayin' I've missed woo too!


Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Oh, Suka, my friend, you have been SO missed! We, too, are enjoying the crunchy beautifulness of this cooler season. The week is brighter already, knowing your voice is once again being heard.

Huffle Mawson said...

Yay welcome back Suka! I have missed you terribly.

Teddy Bear said...

Hi, Suka! We've missed you so much!!! Welcome back, Friend. We love the pictures of you howling.:) Fall is a great time of year...and just a few months till winter where we can roll in the white stuff.:)

Teddy Bear

bbes tribe said...

Suka, WELCOME BACK! Thanks for visiting us. Enjoyed the pics of you & your floofy tail hanging thru the railing. We could almost hear you howl!
WE missed you..

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

I had to come back and visit again today just to see your face! The new photos are wonderful and I am SO glad you are back.

FiveSibesMom said...

Wonderful photos, especially the one of you howling! We're all howling up a storm over here too as we welcome in the cooler weather. Can't wait to hear more from you, Suka!

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

Coyotes, eh? We have them in the foothills but thankfully not in our part of the city. Mom says with my smack talking that I would be a snack in no time if I encountered one. I save my howling to send messages to my friends far away...like you.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I remember you!!! I remember how I loved to come visit your bloggy, and I remember how I missed you when you were gone.
I am happy to have you back,,, and you look beautful and I loved your story.

Remington said...

Welcome back, my friend! Good to see you again!

Cocorue said...

hello stranger,

it's good to hear from you and we have missed you so much!

don't allow your mumster to be like mine as she did Not visit (read DID NOT ) anybody, No One at all!!!!!! Did Not read nor post....

we intend to keep a close eye on her from now on

coco and tiffy

ra_husky said...

arrrooo! thanks for visiting our blog:) we've enjoyed looking at your old posts-looking forward to hearing more about woo, play bows,

RA & Isis