29 April 2011

Not Flippin' Invited! [NFI]

On a serious note, we wish to send our thoughts and prayers to all the people and animals hurt by the devastating monster storms that have been pounding the Southern and South Eastern States of America. It is distressing seeing and reading about the damage and deaths occurring. All are in our hearts and prayers.

Hoping the storms end and the people and animals can heal. {Yes, that is the moon popping up above the trees.}

No, I am not pouting. I was NFI so I just need to be alone for a bit.

There will be a glaring omission in the guests invited to the Royal Wedding of Prince William of Wales, K.G. and Miss Catherine Middleton today, 29 April 2011. Me. In what is going to be known as the snub of the Century, I was Not Flippin’ Invited [NFI] to the Royal Wedding. I am just woofless from mortification. How could they not invite me? As an Alaskan Malamute, the most powerful working dog in the World, and a venerated member of the ancient Mahlemuit Tribe, I am more dignified than any of the Foreign Dignitaries they did invite. Also, considering I am, in my estimate, approximately 7,625,987,415,847,698,224,658,587th in line to the throne, I feel an invitation was definitely warranted. But, I was not NFI!

One of the culprits of my being NFI? {Gemma Correll's Corgi Royal Wedding Tea Towel}

I have a sneaking suspicion that the Queen’s Corgis may have conspired with Princess Anne’s Bull Terriers to make sure my invitation never arrived. Why? Not sure. And since I believe one is innocent until proven guilty I will refrain from making judgments and accusations. But you must admit, it is very questionable as to why I am not in London right now for the Royal Wedding yet the Queen's Corgis are running around like they own the Palace! Regardless as to the reason for my snub I wish Wills and Kate {I just know we would have been on a first-name basis!} a glorious lifetime together filled with happiness, laughter, and love!


Sir Peter Paul Rubens, The Wedding By Proxy Of Marie de’ Medici to King Henry IV, circa 1622-1625

The Charles V Tapestry depicting the Marriage of Charles V (1500-1558) to Isabella of Portugal (1503-1539), circa 1630-1640

Back to me...

Before realizing I was NFI to the Royal Wedding my human K was helping me put together my outfit. I was going to wear Scottish attire since I think I may be part Scottish. I, like the Scottish Highlanders, am known for my fearlessness and bravery, so it makes sense that I would have some Scottish blood running through my veins.

K's peeps will be waving these Jayhawk flags!

I may have been snubbed but K’s peeps {her sister and friend} are attending. Not the wedding, actually, but as two of millions who will line the streets to cheer on the Royal Couple. Per request, K put together two flags for her peeps to wave so that they will stand out from the crowd and be noticed. So, if you see either of these two Jayhawk flags, those are K’s peeps!

See what you are missing?

I wondered why *I* was not on the flags that K made for her peeps. I would be a much better flag than a Jayhawk. I had a long howl, with a few grrrrrs I am ashamed to admit, with K about it but she could not give me a satisfactory answer.

Paws crossed that I am invited to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee 2012.

Not being flippin' invited to the Royal Wedding has been a very humbling, and sad, experience. However, next year is Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee and I am hoping that an invitation arrives for me to attend. But I am not taking any chances. Corgis and Bull Terriers are now my new best friends. I’m just sayin’…

22 April 2011

Hippity hoppin, Happy Easter Day!

"Here comes Peter Cottontail Hoppin' down the bunny trail Hippity hoppin', Easter's on its way

Bringin' ev'ry girl and boy Baskets full of Easter joy Things to make your Easter bright and gay..."

--- "Peter Cottontail" as sung by Gene Autry

Be vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting wabbit. But unlike Elmer Fudd, I plan on actually getting myself a wascally wabbit!

No bunnies under here.

What's that?

Oh, hi Mr. Snake with a hurt tail. I already have dibs on the bunnies, so vamoose!

Jackpot! I smell bunny!

I can't wait for my bunny snack! Hey, K, pop the hood, post-haste!


Andrea Della Robbia, The Resurrection of Christ, circa unknown (my guess is around 1517-1518)

Fabergé Workmaster Michael Perchin, Resurrection Egg, (one theory claims it is the missing surprise from the Renaissance Egg), circa 1885-1889

Fabergé Workmaster Michael Perchin, Renaissance Egg: A Fabergé Imperial Easter Egg, (one theory claims that the Resurrection Egg is the missing surprise), circa 1894

Fabergé Resurrection Egg fitting perfectly inside the Fabergé Renaissance Imperial Easter Egg

Back to me...

K couldn't pop the hood since it was not her old truck. I know bunny was hiding in the engine. Bunny: 1, Suka: 0.

What's that?

Oh, hi Mr. Raccoon. See any bunnies from up there?

I'm looking, Mr. Raccoon, but I don't smell or see anything.

Still nothing. Your left or my left?

Nope, nothing.

Ha! Very clever, Mr. Raccoon! You knew my weakness and used it to your advantage. While having me looking all over for a bunny that you claimed you could see from the tree, you slipped away and disappeared. Touché, Mr. Raccoon.

So, where are all the Easter bunnies? I think that perhaps my human, K, has gathered them up and will surprise me with a huge dog bowl of bunnies on Easter morning! *drool.... A dog can dream. And it is Easter, a time when one sees the impossible become the possible. Dead things all around us spring back to life, blossoming outward, reaching to achieve their highest potential. We, too, even at our lowest, can spring back to life and accomplish great and beautiful things. Another chance at life, to flourish! Wishing everyone a wonderful and joyful Happy Easter! I’ll just be enjoying the holiday munching on my huge dog bowl of yummy bunnies (please! please! please! paws crossed!). I'm just sayin...

06 April 2011

I Am A Contest!

I am a contest! Yes, you read that right. I am not in a contest, I am the contest. It is very exciting as I have never been a contest before, and neither has Porgy. The photo above is a huge clue. Curious? Then please head on over to my sweet pug friend Janie's blog, Peace Love Pugs & Pals, to read all about the awesome contest. Next, put your thinking caps on and let your creativity flow! After you have thought of a clever and funny caption, head on over to Janie's mom's blog, Linden Line Designs, to officially enter. If your caption is picked you will win a beautiful hand-made Linden Line Designs dog or cat collar. How cool is that? Good luck to all my friends! You have until 30 April at 6:00 p.m. Porgy and I are very excited that our photo was chosen, so thank you Janie Pug and Janie's mom Joan!


The Lady And The Unicorn, tapestry of wool and silk, circa 1484-1500

Taddeo Crivelli, Bible of Borso d'Este, illumination on parchment, circa 1455-1461

Back to me...

*yawn. My imagination has been running wild all day with caption possibilities. I wore myself out, but they just keep coming.

BOL! Now that was a funny one! I crack myself up sometimes.

*soft woo Too bad I can't enter my own contest. Or can I?


I know I can't enter my own contest. That wouldn't be fair. But...I would look smashing in a hand-made designer collar. I'm just sayin'...