21 January 2011

Ouch! That smarts! 01.21.2011

Enjoying life in the snow with my dewclaws.


It smarts!

Just don't touch it!

A creative display of my dewclaw.


Pompeo Batoni, Thetis Confiding the Education of Achilles to the Centaur Chiron, circa 1760

Achillis at Lycomedis' Court, Panel of an Attic sarcophagus, circa 240 A.D.

Back to me...

I could actually walk faster, or run, if I were unleashed.

Will anyone notice I am missing a dewclaw?

I wonder what the Dewclaw Fairy will bring me?

The other morning I was excitedly running around the yard enjoying the snow and cold air as my human, K, sat in the car warming it up. Yes, you understood correctly: K was in the car, I was not. K - in car; me - not in car. I am working on fixing that. Anyway, during my exhilarated state I slipped on something and just like that my dewclaw was gone! Ouch! I did not make a sound, though, so K was unaware I was injured until she saw some blood where I had been sitting. Then she saw more blood at my next sitting spot. It was actually very little blood, but the bright red on such wonderfully white fluffy snow made it appear more ominous than it was. Later K found my dewclaw and I tried to get it back on but that did not work. K also tried to wrap my wound but that did not work either. The pain has not been bad. I was able to take a short walk up the road the day after my injury, but yesterday and today I took my full walk and did just fine, although I limp a bit, every once in a while. I heard once that after a human loses a tooth a Tooth Fairy comes by and rewards the human in exchange for the tooth. I wonder if there is a Dewclaw Fairy? If a Fairy will give money for a human tooth, I am sure there must be a Fairy that will give meaty bones or bunnies for a dewclaw. I'm just sayin'...

11 January 2011

SNOW!!! 1.11.11


I have patiently waited and waited and waited. I have crossed my paws and wished upon the many stars I see at night. Then it finally happened. Yesterday I awoke to SNOW! Let the fun begin!


Andrea Mantegna, Parnassus, circa 1497

Anton Raphael Mengs, Perseus and Andromeda, circa 1777

Back to me...

Today in the sunshine. Sun and Snow! It tastes good!

Pure joy!

Can life get any better than this? Why yes, actually, it can! Now that my prayers for snow have been answered I can move on to the next item on my list for a perfect life: my very own bunny farm! Disclaimer: No bunnies were harmed in the writing of this post, or in the grumblings in my tummy when I think of yummy bunnies. I'm just sayin'...

01 January 2011

Happy New Year ! 1.1.11


Wha...? I'm awake. What's up?

That? I don't know where that came from. It's not mine.

*pppbbbbbttt. Yeah, right. There is no way I drank that!

Can I please go now?

Jacques-Louis David, The Oath of the Horatii, circa 1784

Gian Lorenzo Bernini, Apollo and Daphne, marble, circa 1622-1625

I want to wish all - humans and animals - a very glorious and wonderful New Year of 2011! May love, happiness, health, peace, joy, harmony, and beauty find their way into every aspect of life on Earth.

The start of a New Year is a good time to initiate new ideas, so you will be seeing changes to my blog. Time to mix it up a bit! One of my changes will be to incorporate depictions of man-made beauty into my blog. My human, K, and I want 2011 to be known as the year that beauty, goodness, kindness, and harmony made a comeback. K and I will do our part to encourage beauty to flourish on Earth by using beautiful words, thinking beautiful thoughts, doing beautiful deeds, and creating and sharing beautiful images. It is truly breathtaking to see what Man is capable of when inspired to be the absolute best, when striving to reach perfection, and when taping into the infinite source of creativity that imagination brings. Of course, it is a given that beauty reached its pinnacle when I was born. I am the archetype of beauty that all inspire to reach! I am just waiting for a wealthy art patron to commission a marble statue of me. I'm just sayin'...