21 July 2009

Midnight Run

Up until this week it has been a very hot and humid summer. So humid, in fact, that for the past two weeks I have not been able to take my daily evening walk. And that is not for lack of trying on K's part. K, my human, tried for a few evenings to get me to walk, but I would have none of it. At the first attempt I let K take me as far as the beginning of the path across the street, then I refused to go any further. So home we went. The second attempt saw me go as far as the driveway. K kept trying to convince me to keep going but I woofed 'no way, no how!' By the third attempt, on yet another very hot and humid night, I would not even move off the back deck, so K finally relented and let me be in the heat and humidity. Well, K was feeling bad that I was not getting any exercise so at about 10 p.m. every night K has been freeing (unleashing) me. Ah, the joy of freedom! I usually spend the first couple of hours of freedom just chillin' on the back deck. At around midnight Silvius and I take off for our run, but I am not sharing where we go or what we do, as that is between us dogs. Suffice it to say, though, some of the animals around the neighborhood are beginning to call Silvius and I rebel rousers! Alas, humidity is not just cruel in daylight, it is just as brutal under the moonlight. As you can see from the pictures above, when I return from my midnight runs, usually after 1 a.m., I am awfully hot and panting up a storm. K thought I looked funny with my tongue hanging out as I panted to cool down, so she tried to take a bunch of photos. However, I was in no mood for photos, and I certainly did not find it amusing. As you can see, I tried to ignore K but she managed to get some photos. I refused to let her post the others as they are by no means flattering. I mean, rabble-rouser or not, I have my dignity. I'm just sayin'...

07 July 2009

Salute to The King Of Pop

Last week a gentle and kind Spirit left the World, Michael Jackson. His tragic passing has left both me and my human, K, deeply saddened. Michael Jackson was a truly gifted and talented human being. He had an amazing voice; he wrote some beautiful lyrics; and he was a phenomenal dancer. Millions of people loved him and were touched by him, as evidenced by the outpouring of grief and emotional displays shown around the world on hearing the news of his death. I am honoring MJ because he loved animals and any human that loves animals is very special in my book! I thought by wearing my one white glove and fedora I could do one of MJ's iconic poses. But, K messed up the fingers on the glove. Yes, I blame K. It's not my fault they don't make gloves for paws with claws! I'm just sayin'... Michael Jackson - an extraordinary human being with a beautiful Soul. May you rest in peace. Michael Jackson: 29 August 1958 - 25 June 2009.

04 July 2009

Happy Independence Day!!

Let Freedom Ring!! I want to wish all Americans a Happy 4th of July Independence Day! Enjoy good food, good fun, good music, and great fireworks! And don't forget that a lot of us animals do not like the loud booms and bangs of fireworks. So if you are shooting off fireworks and/or attending a fireworks show, please be sensitive to your pet and the other animals around you. Take care to put your pets in a safe and secure place where they will be comfortable and where the noise of the fireworks will be at a minimum. Today is also a good day to reflect that freedom is for ALL living creatures of Earth, not just human beings. We should all work together to guarantee that all animals and all humans are able to live freely, peacefully, and respectfully in this world. You can do your part by not supporting products that are tested on animals and not supporting companies that conduct research on animals. Buy cruelty-free products and if you eat meat, buy meat that has been humanely raised and slaughtered. Or hunt the meat yourself. Nothing says "I am a part of Nature" than hunting and gathering your own food. Unless you are hunting me, then I say head to the supermarket. I am a predator, which means I go after prey when I am hungry. Usually I need go only a few steps to the back deck where my food bowl is kept. But sometimes my food bowl is empty and my tummy is growling, and then my predator instincts really take off. Those kung fu bunnies better be careful when I am hungry! I'm just sayin'...