28 March 2011

Bobcat and Muddy Paws

Look what Silvius chased up a tree. A bobcat! We were so excited to finally meet a bobcat. He was pretty awesome looking and I was so hoping he would come down and play with us. But, alas, that was not to be. Bobcat seemed a bit frightened, and I don't know why because Silvius and I love cats. Silvius will take his à la carte, but I prefer mine with a side of bunny. Anyway, after enjoying his presence for a while we left, and have yet to see Bobcat again.


Annibale Carracci, Homage to Diana, fresco, circa 1602

North Rose Window at Cathedral of Our Lady of Chartres in France, stained glass, circa 1220-1235

Back to me...

I don't think they look so bad.

The mud adds character to my paws. They look goth.

So Porgy, how did I do cleaning my paws?

Porgy says my paws look all clean to him! So, where is my treat?

“A little Consideration, a little Thought for Others, makes all the difference.”
~~ Winnie the Pooh

Winnie is a very wise Pooh-Bear. He has a knack for making simple yet profound observations on life. So carry Winnie the Pooh's words of wisdom in your heart as you go about your day, and exhibit kindness in all you do. As my beautiful friend, Sugar, did. I won a give-away on Sugar's blog, a very pretty "Recycled Love" dog tag, and Sugar added a very delicious pack of Sugar-made dog treats, from Sugar's very own store. A yummy surprise! It was very thoughtful of Sugar to add the extra bonus and it made my tummy's day! Thanks, Sugar! In this spirit of kindness, I did not chase after a bunny the other day that ran out from under a tree during my afternoon walk. True, I did not even see the bunny, but my human, K, did, so that is kindness by default, or two degrees of kindness. I'm just sayin'...

14 March 2011


A splendid award – November 2010. A heartbreaking death – December 2010. A surprise box of delicious treats - December 2010 and February 2011. A fabulous award – March 2011. Four events that I have been terribly remiss in acknowledging, and I humbly ask for forgiveness. I have no excuse for my thoughtlessness, and meant no disrespect to my friends. So, without further ado, I shall begin:

My darling, sassy, spunky, extremely funny, and breathtakingly beautiful friends, Cocorue and Tiffane, considerately honored me with the marvelous Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you my sweet friends!

One of my newest and dearest fluffy friends, Jon Terry, an amazingly adorable, sweet, smart, and loving fluff ball that you just want to pick up and cuddle, kindly awarded me the magnificent Stylish Blogger Award. Thank you my delightful, charming friend!

Both awards stipulate that I must share seven things about myself. Being a somewhat modest Alpha Male I like to keep myself wrapped in a mysterious aura. However, I will do my best to share seven interesting things about me:

♥ Seven Things About Me ♥:

► I pick and choose which “No” I will understand.

► I once broke free of my leash and was gone for over three weeks. I returned right before Christmas, very gaunt and quiet. Where I was, and what happened to me, remains my secret.

► I destroyed a comforter by playing on the bed of a family member we were visiting.

► When I was first adopted by my human, K, I destroyed two fancy couch pillows. It was my “Welcome Home” gift to her.

► I have mastered the art of tuning out human sounds to the point where I am oblivious that a human, specifically K, is talking to me.

► I do a happy dance that involves shaking my head and prancing when I am about to receive a treat that I really really really love.

► I love my Pack very much. Even more than I love snow.

I am deeply touched by both of these wonderful awards and will honor them to the best of my ability by becoming even more versatile and stylish than I already am. Thank you again, Cocorue and Tiffane, and Jon Terry! It means a lot to me to be recognized by the three of you.

Do I look versatile and stylish?


Edmund Blair Leighton, The Accolade, circa 1901

Antonio de Correggio, Ganymede, circa 1531-1532

Back to me...

Toby and I at Toby's Sixth Birthday Party, circa September 2008.

It is with very deep sorrow that I paw a tribute to my dear, esteemed friend Toby, who passed away in December 2010. Toby was one of my first blogging buddies, and despite my somewhat shy nature took me under his wing and introduced me to his wild and exciting lifestyle of fun, partying, and travel. Toby had an amazing personality and a great sense of humor. Toby was found wondering the road one night with a broken leg. The little pup was picked up by a wonderful female human and rushed to the doggie doctor. While in the car of his new mom Toby was frightened and crying so his new mom turned on the radio to try to calm him. A Toby Keith song was playing and hence, the name “Toby.” When I read that story I pawed to Toby that it was a good thing his new mom was not listening to Meatloaf. Thereafter, I would refer to Toby as “Meatloaf.” Toby, having the great nature he did, never minded his new nickname by me and in fact, at times would even refer to himself as “Meatloaf.” Toby and his three siblings, Scuba, Keiko, and Norman, were The Desert Pups. Sadly, sweet and intelligent Scuba passed away in April 2010. With the loss of Toby in December, the year 2010 was indeed a very heartrending year for the Desert Pups. Keiko and Norman, and the mom, we think of you often and hope that you have healed and have been able to continue on your desert journey of fun, adventure, and travel. The blog-o-sphere has not been the same without you, and your presence has been greatly missed. Peace.

My dear, kind, generous, sweet, and very loving friends The White Dog Army, who consist of Siku Marie, Mighty Quinn, Nuka Angel, and Puff the Magical, graciously sent me (and my Pack) not one but two boxes of treats and gifts! They are the first pups ever to send me gifts and it was truly a very touching, and yummy, surprise. It meant a lot to me and my Pack, and the treats were delicious! Such huge hearts! Such thoughtful deeds! I and my Pack feel blessed to have the White Dog Army as our friends!

A couple of the thoughtful, and yummy, gifts from The White Dog Army.

Finally, I and my Pack send prayers and love to all the humans and animals in Japan as they heal from the devastating events that have occurred over the past few days. Also, continued prayers and love to all of the humans and animals in the Gulf Coast who are suffering toxic effects from the poisoning of the Gulf of Mexico that began almost a year ago.

Woofs that was a long post! I don't even think my howls are as long as this post was, and I can howl for quite a while, too. The coyotes have nothing on me. I’m just sayin’…

02 March 2011

Foggy Doggy 03.02.2011

I have a theory as to who/what has been taking my snow away from me. One night when I went to sleep my wonderful snow was piled high and sitting pretty. But upon waking the next few mornings my snow was less and less. A white, heavy fog had been hanging around each of those mornings. I think the fog is eating my snow while I sleep.

I will guard this patch of snow with my life!


Jean Cousin The Elder, Saint Mammes and Duke Alexander, Tapestry, circa 1541

Hagesandros, Athenedoros, and Polydorus, Laocoön and His Sons, white marble, circa 42-20 BC

Back to me...

Have you no fight left in you, Silvius?


Alas, I admit defeat. Mr. Fog is a more formidable opponent than I thought. His appetite for my snow is much too strong. But I have been observing Mr. Fog, I have noticed his tricks, his modus operandi. I will be waiting for you next Winter, Mr. Fog, I will protect my snow, and I will be victorious! Plan 1 - a honeypot trap: introduce Mr. Fog to Miss Mist. I'm don't like confrontation so might as well use love. I'm just sayin'...