01 June 2009

Happy June!

The lazy days of June are upon us. Heat, sun, heat, sun...and a few fun thunderstorms here and there. And ticks. Ick! That's Silvius and I just chilin' on the deck (my human K said to ignore the ugly old patio furniture). Kitty and Porgy sometimes join us too. Porgy doesn't like the camera so he was a bit fluffed up when the photo was taken. Actually, "doesn't like" is an understatement. Porgy hates the camera and always tries to attack it when it is out taking photos. But, alas, Porgy has not yet succeeded in a full camera assault, which I think is good since I need photos to post! I have a new friend! She (he??) is a beautiful cardinal. I have not named her (him?) yet, but she has been hanging out on our deck for the past two weeks. Usually she just flies into the glass door for hours on end - yes, silly, I know! - and when K, my human, comes outside she flies up to the tree. She sings pretty songs when she is sitting in the tree, which is nice to listen too as the hot sun is beating its yellow rays down upon me! Oh snow, how I miss thy white fluffy chill! Did I just say "thy"? The heat is affecting my brain. Fare-thee-well! I'm just sayin'...


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a nice start to my month of June!

Sorry about the H-S-H-S and T's too!

That would be Kharl Khardinal! Kharla is a lighter browner/redish/orangish!

Make sure K keeps woo KHOOL and KHOMFY!


Tracey and Huffle said...

Hey Suka! I know you don't like the heat so I'd be happy to take it off your hands if you like. It's cold here so maybe we could do a swap.

Huffle Mawson

Life With Dogs said...

My first visit - and what a beautiful family you have!

Parsley said...

Suka looks like our grandparent's old dog that I named 'Spock'...yes I'm a Trekkie. They said he was part German Shepard, Chow, and Husky.

I just love your pics. Makes me miss our devoted hero. More than once he saved our family from snakes.

Stop by my blog if you like for a dog cookie recipe.