02 March 2008

Robot Pets??!!

I don’t know if I would like my human to get a robot pet. They don’t seem like much fun to play with or chase bunnies with and I often wonder, would they steal my bones from me? I think robot pets would be more obedient than I am, but where is the fun in that? I don’t always come to my human when she calls me, but that adds spontaneity to her life! I bet a robot pet always comes when called. Show off! And I beg for food a lot, I just love my treats! I doubt that robot pets beg for food, so you could probably keep them in the house when you eat dinner. But if there was ever a competition between me and a robot pet I know I could win! I am a Malamute, a working breed, so it is in my blood to work hard and compete. Those robot pets can’t think on their paws like I can! I think robot pets are great for humans who cannot physically or financially care for a live pet, such as disabled or elderly humans. They offer those humans companionship plus help alleviate the loneliness that those humans may feel. But for all other humans I say a real live wet tongued, panting, drool slobbering pet is the best! And I can protect my human better than any robot pet! I may not be able to flash lights and scream “Danger! Danger!” but I can run and lick any intruder who enters my territory and wag my tail to scare him off! I mean, if you can tickle someone into submission, can’t you lick them into submission? I’m just sayin’…

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