23 April 2008

California Here I Am!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post but life has been so hectic! A spur of the moment decision had my human packing up Porgy and I and making a road trip to Northern California! We had to leave Silvius, which is very sad to me and very sad for Silvius too, but we could not have more than one dog. We also left Kitty, but that made Kitty happy since she was not too fond of me! Silvius and Kitty stayed with my human's brother, but I sure wish we could get Silvius out here. Silvius is terrified of storms, even if it is just rain and no thunder. Once Silvius senses from the wind and air that a storm is coming, he gets very anxious and nervous. And the closer the storm gets, the more anxious and scared he becomes to the point of becoming destructive. Silvius has done a lot of damage to the house by freaking out over storms, and now that he is out there in the country alone, I worry about him. Kansas has a lot of thunderstorms, especially this time of year. Here in California, it has been sunny most every day, except today and yesterday, cloudy and chilly. It was a fun trip! Me, Porgy, and my human in a car for four days driving down I-80. I got to see lots of new things and smell some interesting smells. I really liked Wyoming and Utah and Nevada. I barely saw Colorado, we arrived in the dark. I loved riding in the car! I had the whole back seat to myself, but I preferred to stand and look out the front window, with my head between my human and Porgy! So many great sites to see! Too bad we did not have time to sight see more. My first few weeks in California have been hard. I don't feel like this is home. We are house sitting for a family member, so we are also watching their cat and dog. Their dog is a 17-year-old Greyhound. She is so skinny but very sweet. We don't interact too much, as I am too rambunctious for her! The cat does not like me at all, but that is ok. You can't like everyone! Anyway, I don't feel like this is my home or yard, but we are only here for a few months so I will adapt for now. There is an in-ground pool in the back yard, so not much grass for me to run and play. My human loves the pool, although it has been too cold to use. I don't like water. I am a Malamute and we are not water dogs. Sure, on a hot day, I may go in a little just to cool my paws. Back in Kansas I would walk into the creek up to my belly on the really hot days to cool down. I like the creek. Lot of otter and beaver and deer around there. No deer here. I guess I am no longer an Alaskan Malamute in the Midwest but now am an Alaskan Malamute in Northern California. Maybe one day I will be an Alaskan Malamute in Alaska. I'm just sayin'...

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