28 April 2008

Pools and Storms

I slipped half-way into the pool today, by accident! The dog behind the fence, the one that broke through the fence and attacked me, started to bark and it made me nervous so I jumped up and walked toward the fence and slipped partly into the pool, but only my right leg and part of my tail got wet! I guess I was so anxious about the dog behind the fence that I did not notice how close I was to the edge of the pool. But I am ok. It was a very warm day, so a little cool water was not so bad. On a happy note, I have slept outside twice! But last night I came back in because the dog behind the fence was out late and barked a few times, so I just went inside to feel better, and safe. On a sad note, my side-kick Silvius is not doing to good back home. He has storm anxiety. Actually, he has anxiety about a lot of things considering he was abandoned, which is how he joined our family, and he was most likely abused before being abandoned. But storms really freak him out, and lately a lot of storms have been hitting where he is living, so he has destroyed some parts of the house. If he were here in sunny California he would be ok because we don't have storms here. But he can't be here and our humans have to figure out what to do because they can't afford the damage he is causing. I know they will figure something out that will make us all happy, but in the meantime, I miss Silvius and wish the storms would stop. I am not afraid of storms. I have lived through a tornado and I was not fazed in the least! I can outrun a tornado. Or just hide in the corner of my doghouse and hope the tornado doesn't pick it up and twirl it around. But earthquakes - those scare me! I have never been in one, and I hope never to be in one while I live in California. Where do you go when it hits? Things come crashing down around you and the ground just opens up and swallows you! I don't want to live in the ground. Moles live in the ground. And ants. And snakes. And worms. They aren't any fun to chase and catch. Hey, wait a minute, don't bunnies have holes in the ground? I think they do! I guess being swallowed by the earth in an earthquake wouldn't be so bad, as long as some bunnies followed. I'm just sayin'...

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