01 May 2008

Happy May Day!

It's May Day! No flower basket or running around a May pole for me. As for the other aspect of May Day, labour rights, I suppose since I am in the Working Class of dogs, if dogs did celebrate May Day I would qualify. But I don't work and that bothers me sometimes. I have a lot of energy and no place to take it. I would love to be running in the snow and pulling a sled with all of my buddies, but I am stuck here in California lounging around all day by a pool I don't want to use. Sure I get two walks a day, which are great fun! I see lots of different humans and many dogs, but most of those humans won't let me near their dogs. I don't understand it. Dogs are pack animals and we just want to meet and greet each other. But when people see me and my human coming, they pull their dog close to them and don't let us meet. Very odd behaviour. Most of us dogs get mad at that and jump and growl and bark, because we want our humans to let us meet the other dog, but the humans just keep pulling us and walking away. So, I have only gotten to meet a few furry friends on my walks. But I love my walks nonetheless. The humans with no dogs are always admiring me. I get lots of compliments, of people telling my human how pretty I am and what a beautiful dog I am, and other kind words. I love hearing all the compliments! A few little humans, kids you call them, have come up to pet me. I just love being petted and touched. And I love playing. One of the other states I used to live in had a great dog park that my human would take me to every day, rain or shine or snow! I would play for at least an hour, but usually more. There were always so many dogs there and I had so much fun. But then we moved and lived in the country for a bit where all I had were bulls, cows, horses, and goats to look at, but no one to play with and no dog park. Now I am in California and the nearest dog park is always empty. Sometimes we see a few little dogs running around, but most of the time when we walk by it the park is empty. It makes me sad because I want to play yet I have no one to play with. Ginger is 17-years-old so she can't play. I bet she was fun when she was younger, though. She is a Greyhound, so we could have run together and had fun. So, I just lay in my corner of the yard and watch the birds and at night, the stars, and go to sleep wishing I was in my own yard with my friend Sylvius, running and playing and having fun with no mean dog on the other side of the fence to make me nervous. So my human better get a job soon so we can get our own place, or I am just going to have to go to work myself, perhaps pulling kids on their skateboards, or pulling bunnies out of their burrows. I'm just sayin'...

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