31 May 2008

Restless Days and Nights

Here is the picture I promised you many posts ago. Behind me is the fence that the mean dog broke through to attack me. It was so scary for me. Right now it is almost midnight and I just had to come in the house because he started barking again. I am just so nervous now, I don't think I will ever feel comfortable here. That mean dog behind the fence really did a number on me. At least I know this house is not permanent. As soon as K is done house-animal sitting, we can leave and find our own house and our own yard, with no mean dogs living behind fences! But she needs to find a job first so we can afford to move. I hope we can go live in the country again. I don't much like neighborhood living. But if we have to stay in a neighborhood, I hope we can find a place with a big private backyard and the houses not so close together. I also hope we find a place near a fun dog park. The best dog park was in the Northern state I came from. I had so much fun going there every night when K got home from work. But the dog park here is always empty and is really small. I miss running and playing with doggies. Silvius would play with me until he had is severe accident. I miss Silvius. But for now, I am stuck here living in a house that is not mine with a mean dog behind the fence. Maybe if I howl sweet nothings into the night he will come around and learn to like me. I'm just sayin'...

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