02 June 2008

Fast Suka, Sweet Suka

Yesterday during our morning walk a human woman stopped K and asked her if my name was "Suka." K told her yes. The woman told K that her relative has a dog named "Suka" but is a female dog. Hey! Do I have a girls name? Anyway, the woman told K that her dog sitter had been telling her all about me (I wonder which human that was? I have met so many since moving here I just can't remember them all). She also told K that "Suka" means "sweet" in Hungarian. So now I know three different meanings of my name: "Suka" means "fast" in Eskimo, "very fast" in Ethiopian, and "sweet" in Hungarian. Pretty nifty! I know I am fast, but now I can honestly say I am sweet too! Then during our evening walk we passed three human males sitting on a bench. As we walked by one of the males said, "now that is a good looking dog." I felt so proud! I like when humans recognize me, and I like it even better when they stop to pet me. Don't worry, I will not let all these compliments get to my head. I see cool looking dogs all the time and I think every dog is spectacular and beautiful, even the mean dog behind the fence. It is not his fault he is mean, he probably ended up with a bad human who taught him bad manners, or worse, hurt him. So even though I am still nervous about the mean dog behind the fence, I think he was once a great dog with great potential. And I am not just saying that hoping someone will tell him what I wrote and he will become my friend and stop prowling by the fence growling and barking. I mean what I say and I mean what I howl. And "Suka" is not a girls name. It's a name for great looking dogs who are fast and sweet. And not afraid of mean dogs behind fences. Well, maybe just a little afraid. I'm just sayin'...

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