04 June 2008

Lollygagging Suka

What does "lollygagging" mean? On our walk this evening K told me to stop lollygagging. Funny word! She said it after I had stopped for the hundredth time (or so it seemed) to sniff at something unseen by the human eye. I do that a lot. I will stop and sniff at the ground, at trash cans, at trees, at posts, basically at anything that is sniffable. Sometimes I just do it a few times during our walks, other times, like tonight, I stop every few feet. I think K gets impatient with me, but hey, it is my walk so I will take my time! K's previous dog, who passed away in 2003 and is now in doggy heaven, used to also stop a lot. A lot more than me from what I have heard. He was part Australian Shepherd and part Malamute (yeah Malamutes!) and it was in his blood to be aware of his surroundings. He had an amazing nose on him. His nickname was "Nosey Bozie" because his nose was in everything. Funny. My nickname is "Suka Pants." I don't get it. I need a better nickname. Tell K to give me a better nickname. I don't wear pants! Anyway, K said Nosey Bozie should have been a search and rescue dog because he had such an incredible sense of smell. Too bad he wasn't. I am sure he would have been able to find lost people easily. Just like a human, when a dog has a gift you should use it. Anyway, I don't wear pants! I'm just sayin'...

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