20 June 2008

Sunny Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice! Summer is certainly here where I live. The past week it has been in the 90s and 100s. I am hot. I sleep most of the day and evening in the house because it is too hot outside. I have been walking into the pond every morning during my walk just to cool my paws and legs down. Lucky for me, though, the nights get nice and cool here, so that helps to perk me back up. All this heat has made me reminiscent of my times in the snow, so I posted a picture of Sylvius and me in the snow back home. Boy that would feel good right now to be laying down in the snow! I love the snow! I miss the snow. Just the other day during my morning walk a little human boy pointed at me and said, "Look mom! A snow dog!" I thought it was funny that such a little human in this area would know that I am a "snow dog." At least thinking of snow gives me something to look forward too. The good news is the two kids of the relative we are house-sitting for have left so the computer is mine again. Yeah! OK, it is K's too. But I get to post more often again and I am now able to go sniffing out all my new doggie friends' blogs. I can't wait to see what all my doggie friends have been up to. Hopefully staying cooler than me! Anyway, one of the kids had left their dinner in the refrigerator. It was pasta with chicken. So tonight K gave me and Ginger the leftovers, and even the cat Thicket got two chunks of chicken. That's not fair. Cats should not get chicken, only us dogs. Anyway, it was really good. I chowed mine down really fast! Dare I say the chicken tasted almost as good as bunnies? K gave it to us because she is a vegetarian and won't eat any animal. That is good because she is still unemployed so if she gets low on food at least I know I am safe. But maybe I can trick her into eating cat. I'm just sayin'...


Charlie Daniels said...

This all just gets so confusing ... how can you have Summer Sostice when TBU told me yesterday was the Winter Solstice? ;-)



Lacy said...

w00f's Suka and all, nice to meeted u all..Princess Eva asked us all to come visit u...u shure iz a handsome pup...hope u enjoy DWB's..

b safe,
~rocky and company~