09 May 2008

Ginger Snap

These past few days have been like the dog days of Summer, but it isn't even Summer yet! Lazy days and dreamy nights. The heat never came. It has been nice and cool and breezy all week. Today on my evening walk I met three happy puppies playing together in the grass. They were older puppies, maybe 6 - 8 months old because they were almost full grown, and really friendly! I only stayed a few minutes though, I had more walking to do. Yesterday a human male walked past me and said I was a "good looking dog." And then a few days ago a female human stopped to pet me and said I was "king of the walking path" since I looked so "majestic." I won't let all these compliments get to my head though, I just like that some people stop to pet me! And I also like when doggies stop to meet and play. The mean dog behind the fence has been acting up again these past few nights so I have been hanging out on the back patio since he makes me nervous. He must like the cool night breezes too since he has been outside more. Ginger, my 17-year-old new friend that lives here, has been doing pretty good since she got on arthritis and thyroid medicine. She has recently started to take evening walks with my human. Ginger is funny. When we get back from our evening walk Ginger is waiting by the gate and when she hears us coming she starts to cry. When we get inside the gate she jumps a little and wags her tail as she crys because she knows it is her turn to walk. I don't think they go very far though, Ginger and my human, because they are back rather quickly, not the hour long walk I take. But Ginger seems really happy to have her walks now that she can walk better. A picture of Ginger is above this post. I wonder if I will live to be 17. I am around 5 years old now, so I am still a pup! A good looking, majestic, king of the walking trail pup! I'm just sayin'...

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