14 May 2008

Sick As A Dog

These past few days have been scary for me. I got really sick and my human was very worried about me. It started the afternoon of Mother's Day. I miss my mom!! Anyway, I started getting very lethargic and I would not eat. But I was eating grass and making myself vomit. My human decided not to take me on my evening walk, which was a good thing because I was not feeling very well. On Monday I felt worse. We tried to go on our morning walk but I was moving really slow, so my human had us turn around only about 1/4 of the way into our walk. Again, I kept eating grass and vomiting. On Monday afternoon my human saw a blue thing sitting by the fence. Curious, she went over to check it out and found one-half of a blue rubber ball that was in my vomit. I must have swallowed a blue rubber ball at some point, I don't really remember when because I eat so much, and it came out through my vomit. Well, that made my human happy to see because to her it explained why I had been feeling so icky. But things only got worse for me. Monday night I vomited three more times, and by early Tuesday morning I was just pacing because it hurt to lie down. I still had not eaten and then I threw up again Tuesday morning. My human was really worried and did not know what was wrong with me. She called a friend who is in veterinary school and asked for advice. Her friend said since I was at least drinking water I should be ok for one more day, but then I should probably go to the vet if I did not get any better. But she said to observe me during the day and if I looked like I was getting worse then I needed to go to the vet immediately. She said it sounded like I still had an obstruction in me. So my human watched over me and I finally fell asleep and slept most of the day. When I woke up around 6 p.m. I wandered into the back yard where my human was cleaning the pool. I was able to eat some food, just a little. Then I went to poop and guess what? The other half of that blue rubber ball came out! My human was so happy! It meant no x-rays or surgery for me! Today I feel so much better. I have eaten some food and did my full morning walk. My human had never seen that blue rubber ball so she does not know where I found it or when I swallowed it. She just needs to watch me more closely when we walk because I am always picking up things that I find. Since moving here I have found, during my walks, a golf ball, two rubber balls, a golf club, a ballet shoe, a pair of flip-flops, two nerf footballs, one soccer ball, a dragon kite, and a one dollar bill. I don't know why you humans leave these things all over the place. I pass a lot of trash cans on my walk so if these are things you don't want why not just throw them away? Except for the money. My human seemed to be pleased with me finding a dollar bill! Anyway, I did not eat any of those things but I guess the blue rubber ball looked fun so I must have started to play with it and just swallowed it. Or I might have thought it was a big blue piece of food. I don't' know what I was thinking. When I was first adopted by my human I swallowed a red rubber Kong toy that I stole from Porgy. Porgy always had so much fun playing with it that I wanted to try it out. Well, it went right down my throat. One day when my human was cleaning Porgy's cage she noticed it was missing and looked all over for it but never found it. She had no idea I had gulped it down. It stayed in me for two whole months. Then one evening I was feeling really sick and when I vomited, out came the red rubber Kong toy! Two months! Yuck! My human was shocked. She had no idea I had swallowed it. So you would think I would have learned my lesson to stay away from small rubber toys after having a red rubber Kong in my tummy for two months. Oh well, I guess I just like the taste of rubber toys. Or the tickling feeling I get when the rubber toys are bouncing around in my stomach when I run! I'm just sayin'...

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