05 May 2008

Porgy and Bulls

I told you Porgy always wants to be near me! Here we are on the deck at our home in the Midwest, before moving to California for the house-sitting gig. I guess Porgy and I standing by the palm tree was foreshadowing things to come! We lived in the country, so that is a little red shed behind the deck, and the creek is further behind that. Silvius still lives there. Silvius likes swimming in the creek when it is hot. He also swims across the creek to chase the deer. I don't really chase deer, but I did bark at the bulls a lot and they sometimes did not like that. Silvius would pick a bull and then run around him while barking. That made the bull mad! The bull would huff and put his head down and paw at the ground with his front hoof. Scary! That still did not stop Silvius, though, it just made him stop running in front of the bull but he would still bark and run behind the bull. My human would have to stop me and Silvius from antagonizing the bulls. She did not want to be trampled by any annoyed bulls. Sometimes I feel that way with Porgy - annoyed. He would follow me all day if he could. Sometimes when I am trying to fall asleep he will stand near my head and watch me. I don't like being watched when I am trying to sleep so I growl but he still just stands there. Then I growl again and get up and move, but Porgy will just follow me. So my human will finally have to get Porgy and put him back on his cage. Sometimes Porgy will be content to be back on his house, other times he will climb right back down to find me. I don't blame Porgy though. Parrots are monogamous creatures and since he does not have another parrot to bond with he has bonded with me. Before I came along he was very close to my human's previous dog. And before that dog, Porgy was close to my human. I guess parrots are fickle, because he keeps changing his bonding partners! I love Porgy, though. He may annoy me at times, but mostly I enjoy his company. We had fun traveling to California together and I like when he hangs outside with me near the pool. But there is another side to Porgy - when he gets mad he is scary! And if any one tried to get me, Porgy would attack them. So if that mean dog behind the fence breaks through and attacks me again I will just have to sic Porgy on him. That will teach him not to mess with a Malamute...who has a parrot friend. I'm just sayin'...

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