03 May 2008


Grrrr...This makes me angry. I just heard that a beautiful horse named Eight Belles was euthanized immediately after coming in second place at the Kentucky Derby today because she broke both of her front ankles and there was nothing the veterinarians could do to save her. The tragedy of this breaks my heart. Why are you humans still racing horses? Do you know how many horses are permanently maimed and/or euthanized because of horse racing? And for what purpose, just to make money? I don't understand. Do you know what happens to these amazing horses when they can no longer race, due to injury or old age or just not being fast enough? Pretty much the same thing that is done to Greyhound dogs when they can no longer race - they are sent away to die awful deaths, except for the few lucky ones saved by rescue organizations. Grrrr...I just found out that some very kind-hearted humans are trying to protect the North Atlantic right whales from being injured or killed in collisions by ships. These good humans are requesting that the ships slow down as the pass through the whale's feeding and calving grounds so the ship's propellers don't harm the whales. But some bad mean humans are blocking this protection because it will take money away from them. Money again! Why is money so important? How can money be more valuable than sharing this Earth with the magnificent right whales? Grrrr...This hits closer to my heart since these are my kin. Word has come to me that the Northern Rockies gray wolf has been delisted from the Endangered Species protection list which means they can now be hunted by humans. Already, 20 of my beautiful relatives have been slaughtered. Why? I just don't understand. Do some of you humans just hate wolves? And whales? And horses? I don't like hearing of animals being mistreated and it does not matter to me if they have fur, feathers, fins, or scales - I don't discriminate. OK, I know Nature can seem cruel and vicious. It is a tough world out there! I know there are some animals that will eat other animals, but that is usually out of necessity. We animals can also form unlikely friendships, like Mzee, the 130-year-old tortoise, who became best friends with a young orphaned hippo named Owen. We animals can usually see past our differences when we aren't looking for our next meal. Or breaking through fences to attack an innocent sweet malamute mix. I'm just sayin'...

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