04 May 2008

Picture Time!

My human does not have a digital camera, she is an analog human, so we have to rely on friends and families who do have digital cameras to take photos of me that can be put on my blog. So, here is my first photo! I am standing at the front end of the pool and if you look behind my hind legs, you will see my water bowl. Just behind that is my spot, which is usually where I spend my days hanging out and sleeping. Later this week I will have a photo of me by the other end of the pool, and you will be able to see the fence where the mean dog broke through and attacked me. I am actually looking at the spot he broke through in this photo. I still get anxious thinking about that! But at least I am starting to sleep outside more, which has been nice since it has been so cool and breezy. Yesterday two nice ladies stopped my human during our morning walk and told her that summers here get very hot and they wondered if I would be ok. So when we got home my human cleaned out part of the garage so that when it gets really hot I will have room to go in the garage and lay down on the cool cement floor. I guess Ginger has always used the garage in the summers to keep her cool, and she is so skinny! Now that my human has made room for me in the garage both Ginger and I can go in and stay cool during the summer heat. I think the heat is starting this week. So far it has been nice for me but I heard that this week it is going to be in the 80s, and that is really hot for me. Yesterday a few neighbors were swimming in their pools. I could hear kids screaming and splashing. But my human was too busy cleaning out the garage for me so she did not jump in the pool. I like it when she is in the pool because then she is outside with me. Dogs are pack animals so we like when others are around us, either other dogs in our pack or our humans that make up our pack. Today Porgy was outside with me. My human put Porgy's cage on the table that you see behind me in the photo, and he stayed outside all day. It was nice to have the company. Porgy likes it too. Porgy loves me. He always wants to be near me. I don't blame him. Can you? I'm just sayin'...

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