24 April 2008

Dog Fight!

I am a pretty mellow doggy. Malamutes are known to be aloof and wanderers - we pretty much mind our own business. Since moving to California I have not been too happy in my new house. The yard is not that big for me and I am surrounded by strange dogs that do not seem too friendly. Me, I love meeting new dogs and playing with doggies. I am very social that way. But last week something happened to me that really scared me. Since moving here I have found my spot in the corner of the yard and have pretty much stayed there. I do not wonder near the fence or to other parts of the yard. I just don't feel comfortable. My human is concerned. She thought I would enjoy running around the yard and exploring it so it concerns her that I have pretty much found my spot and don't move from there, except when I go into the house. The other exception is when my human cleans the pool. She walks around the pool scraping out anything that is floating on top of the water and she does this at least two to four times a day. Usually at least one of those times, sometimes twice, I will follow her around the pool. Well last week as we were on the end of the pool next to the fence the dog on the other side of the fence started to growl and bark. So I stuck my nose near the fence and wagged my tail. The dog went wild and so I started to make some noises (I am not really a barker, more a howler) and all of a sudden the dog broke through the fence and had me by the neck! I was scared and trying to get the dog off, but he would not let go and I could not reach him. My human was using the pool pole to try to get his jaws off my neck but to no avail. She was getting frantic and I was very scared and was moving around and the dog lost his footing and fell into the pool. At least it made him let go of my neck! At that same time one of the dog's owners got through the fence and dragged him out of the pool and was holding him waiting for the adult owner to get here with his leash. As my human walked me by to put me in the house the dog got loose and lunged at me and attacked me again! This time I fell in the pool, but only half way because my owner had me by the collar. We got the dog off and I got in the house very quickly! Well, I was not hurt physically because it turns out the dog has no teeth (don't ask me why!) so my skin was not punctured. But I was scared and upset! Why did the dog attack me? What did I do? I just wanted to be friends. Ever since the attack I don't like being outside alone. When the dog is out there and barks I get very nervous and run inside the house. I also have not slept outside alone since the attack, and that is hard for me because I love being outdoors and ever since my human adopted me I have spent most nights sleeping outside under the stars and moon and clouds. But now I am in my human's room on the floor under a ceiling. I also don't follow my human around the pool anymore because I am too nervous now to go by the fence. My human is very upset about this situation. She does not like to see me in this state and it upsets her that I feel so nervous in my own backyard. She is currently looking for work and worries how I will do being here alone all day once she starts working. I would like my human to be home with me every day, as I am sure most doggies would! We love our humans!! I know that not all dogs are going to be friends. And I know that not every dog will like me, and that is ok because that is life. But it is not ok when the dog attacks. There is no reason for violence. If you don't like me, ok, I can deal with that. But why attack me? Why take it out on me? I mind my own business and I let you go along with your life, so why attack me? I just don't understand. All I want to do is play and have fun! Sure I get mad sometimes. Porgy annoys me when he stands by me and watches me as I am trying to sleep. But I don't attack him - I just growl and move. And if he follows me again, which he always does, I get mad again and growl even more, and move again. But I would never attack Porgy, or any animal. Except bunnies. And only when I'm hungry. I'm just sayin'...

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