22 July 2008

Dough Boy

My human K went to the store today and brought back some sourdough rolls. I have never had sourdough so I was mighty interested in those rolls. K took one out to eat and gave Porgy, Ginger, and I each a piece. Yum! I wanted more! So K took out another one and again gave each of us another piece of her roll. Yummers! Then K had to run an errand and as she left I had my nose on the counter sniffing the bag of sourdough rolls. K was hesitant to leave the house with my nose permanently attached to the counter, but she gave me a look that said 'don't touch those rolls!' and I gave her a look back that said 'hey, I'm a dog! That is what I do!' But when she got back I was napping and since I was a good boy I got yet more of a sourdough roll. Yeah! Sometimes being good does pay off. I just can't keep my eyes off of that bag of sourdough rolls. Why are they so good? And why is this the first time I am ever tasting sourdough rolls? What else is out there that K is hiding from me? Sometimes I think I should focus on my inner-Malamute and use my superior tracking skills to go and find all this great food that I am not privy too. Back in Kansas, where that picture above was taken during a winter day (you can see the wonderful cold fun white snow behind me. I want snow now!), Silvius and I not only got a steak every Friday, but we found some pretty good food on our own - cow feed, deer legs, a dead calf (we didn't do it!), a few dead raccoons and squirrels here and there, and of course, cow dung. Yes, cow dung. An exquisite taste of grains and greens mixed together. And when cow dung is dried out, they are called cow pies, which are round and hard. Then you don't eat them, you play frisbee with them. I'm just sayin'...


Charlie Daniels said...


I have something for you. Please come and visit me soon!



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

I think the yeasties in the rolls and such woo to us in a language only khanines khan decipher!

Glad you were a good boy....THIS TIME!!


Tracey and Huffle said...

I am not sure about this cow dung business. Maybe those kung fu bunnies have been hitting you in the head too much.

Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat