12 July 2008


That's my mug! That is all my human, K, saw of me before signing the adoption papers. That was four years ago. I have aged. All the black on my head is now a silvery grey. I don't want to age! Anyway, I am having an identity crisis. On Thursday the Vet came to the house to take blood from skinny Ginger. She is 17. They needed blood to do some tests to see how the medicines are working for her. She seems to be doing ok, but since she is old they want to make sure the medicines are not doing more harm to her organs than good. It only took one poke to get her blood. Ginger did not even realize she had been poked until half-way through the blood drawing, so it must have taken a bit for the pain sensor to reach her brain. She suddenly got this look in her eyes that said "hey? what the....oh no you didn't!!" and she jerked her leg. But K had her held down pretty good so the Vet was able to keep the needle in and finish the draw. When he pulled the needle out Ginger tried to bite him, but K was able to deflect Ginger's mouth away from the Vet. Ginger has no strength in her jaw anyway and her teeth are so old that it would have been more like her sucking his hand than biting it. Ginger is funny, and pretty spunky for an elderly doggy! As the Vet was leaving he said I was a very pretty dog. Thank you very much! K told him I might have wolf in me but the Vet said I looked like I had a Great Pyrenees face. K said a Vet in Minneapolis told her the same thing about me. The Vet then told her they have DNA tests for dogs now but wolf DNA is not included so if I had wolf in me that part of my DNA would show up as "unknown." "Unknown." I feel like an unknown sometimes. What am I? I know I am Suka, but what does that mean? OK, it means "fast" in Eskimo language but, oh, never mind! Anyway, K was looking at photos of Wolf-Malamute hybrids (Wolamutes) and they do look like me, but they all have straight ears. My ears are the adorable floppy ears. So then K looked at photos of Great Pyrenees' and I do look like them too, and I am great so the name certainly fits. So what am I? Who am I? How old am I? Where am I from? Do I have siblings out there? My whole identity is wrapped up in me being part Alaskan Malamute with possibly some wolf. What if I am neither? Then what? Is a Suka still a Suka by any other name? I am having an existential breakdown! Since I already mentioned how my color scheme is 2-Tone Ska I think I will just take my bone and head on down to Montego Bay. I'm already lobster red from this past week anyway. I'm just sayin'...


Charlie Daniels said...

G'day Suka

Hey I went through the same feelings some time ago ... http://guv.id.au/adognamedcharlie/2008/05/13/sometimes-i-wonder/

In the end, we are who we are, and that makes us special! ;-)



Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

fur once, humans are khorrekht - woo do look like woo have some GP in woo - and I don't mean Grey PUPon!

My mom still has the pihk she took of me the furst day she saw me at the SPCA on her cell phone!!

As for the Montego Bay video, have woo inkhwired about letting your khoat grow like that?

Woo khould be a MalAomondor!!! or maybe a pulli push woo!!!

PeeEssWoo: Woo are home furever - that's all that matters - best of lukhk to Ginger too!

Eva said...

It doesn't really matter because you are Suka!! A unique blending of various kinds. Momma and Dad had talked about having Tasha DNA tested but we told them it didn't matter and we'd rather they traded the pieces of paper for treats.

Princess Eva

Tracey and Huffle said...

Suka, who cares what all your breeds are? You are beautiful just the way you are. And I love your floppy ears!

Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat