06 July 2008

Pig Ears

I finally got a treat! I guess it was a human holiday in the USA on Friday, the 4th of July. So humans celebrated by doing odd things like not working, having bar-b-ques, going to the lake, and having fireworks at night. I used to not be afraid of loud noises. Living in the country in the Midwest I heard shotguns all the time and they are loud but they never bothered me. [By the way, that is me last year in the backyard of my house in the Midwest. You can see the creek just behind the tree line.] Also, we would get some pretty loud firecrackers in the country but again, I was never bothered by the noises. But this past Friday, when the fireworks started blowing I went into the house and stayed put. We are currently living just a few blocks from where the fireworks were blown, so my human, K, just stood on a bench in the backyard and had a perfect view of the show. But she watched it alone. None of us animals were going to subject our sensitive ears to those loud booms! Anyway, because it was a holiday K treated Ginger and I to a treat - pig ears! Now, normally I am not a pig ear fan. I used to get pig ears in the Midwest and would just carry them around a few days and then Silvius would take them from me and eat them. But since it has been so long since I have had a treat (I know, I am so deprived!) I ate it all up in one sitting! Ginger ate hers even faster than me! And she is a 17-year-old skinny skinny greyhound! I knew greyhounds could run fast but eat fast too? Anyway, I love pigs. They are pink! How can you not love a pink animal? Pink flamingos rule. As do I. But I'm not pink. I'm more Ska, of the 2 Tone Ska scene. I have the black and white look going on, but just not checkerboard. K was trying for Goth with me, but I have too much white and I was not going to dye my fur. Black eyeliner, maybe, but I draw the line at dyed fur. And a nose ring. I'm just sayin'...


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

My friend Holly the Malamute turned me onto lamb ears!

They are FURRY yummi!!

Have a good week!!!

I'm just sayin'


Tracey and Huffle said...

I could send you some of my black fur if you like, then you wouldn't have to dye yours. I'll have mum collect it this week.

Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

Charlie Daniels said...

Pigs ears are good. They don't last long though!



Eva said...

I'm trying to talk Momma into buying us pig or lab ears but they were banned from our house many ears ago because Tasha would get very possessive of them and try to eat them too fast. And Momma got tired of fishing them out of Tasha's throat. We were trying figure out what suburb you used to live in and can't think of a lot of creeks in our area.

Princess Eva