15 July 2008

Ouchy On My Leg

I have an ouchy on my leg. K just noticed it today during our morning walk. Seems I have rubbed the fur off above my elbow on my left front leg and there is a small circle of exposed skin. But it is not my fault, there is no place soft to sleep here. The backyard is all stone and cement, except for a tiny square of dried grass which is very uncomfortable. So I only have hard stone surfaces to sleep on. Sometimes I go in K's room at night and sleep on the rug. Lately, though, I have been going into the shower and sleeping in there. It is nice and cool and small, so I consider it my temporary dog house! K has some blankets for me to sleep on but in this heat I have not been using them. I suppose I should start, at least they are soft. I don't like it here. I can't wait until we can leave and get our own place. Porgy does not like it either. He got in trouble today, but it is not his fault. Porgy is just acting out. See, K had to leave Porgy's house/cage in Kansas because it was just too big to bring here to California. It is a giant parrot cage, cast iron. Since K could not bring it she is using a borrowed parakeet cage for Porgy. If you know birds, you know a parakeet is very small so hence, the cage is small. K only puts Porgy in there at night to sleep, but Porgy is missing his home and is starting to act out. He does not have a place to just hang out or go nap in since the cage is too tiny for him. He used to like to hang out in his house and nap and eat and play. So without a house to go to he is starting to act out, so now K is stressing because when she is gone she won't be able to watch him and has no secure place to put him. So, it is not a happy time for us. None of us like it here but we are trying to make the best of it and trying to stay positive. Gosh, these last few posts have been downers. Sorry! Usually I am a very happy doggy! I guess you can't have happy without the sad. Yin/Yang. I learned that from hearing K talk about Bruce Lee. She wants to take martial arts and she wants me to be a Ninja dog. Once I learn the secret Ninja stealth techniques I can sneak up on yummy bunnies and they will never hear me coming. Unless they are Kung Fu bunnies, then they will give me a boot to the head. I'm just sayin'...


Charlie Daniels said...

G'day Suka

Just close your eyes and click your paws together .... No! Ok ... how about just picturing everyone walking around in their underwear? Hey it may make you laugh!



Tracey and Huffle said...

Yeah, it's those kung fu bunnies you have to look out for. I'd be happy to post Salvador over to you to practice your ninja moves on, if you like?

I hope you get to go home soon, I'm very sad for your unhappiness.

Huffle Mawson, Honorary Husky and Explorer Cat

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

One of my doggy pal's mom say cholesterol (the hair goo
http://www.smartskincare.com/tips/haircare_hairother_20060218.html )
khan help - rub a little bit on the rubbed spots -

Sorry woo have a boo boo though -

All that and it is HOT -


The Army of Four said...

Kansas!?!? We live in Kansas! HA roooo!
Oh, wait. I'm supposed to tell you: "I'm just sayin' Khyra sent me". Ha roo roo roo!
Play bows!